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Complete die casting solutions


Titus Technologies is a European Producer of four-slide die casting machines, tooling and zinc die cast components with more than 30 years experience. The die cast solutions are ideal for producers of small zinc precision components. The company provides a custom precision die casting service by utilising by utilising their proprietary Titus Caster four-slide die casting technologie, extensive die casting expertise and global manufacturing capabilities. With excellent shot-to-shot repeatability Titus Caster Technology provides parts with high flatness of surface and of consistent quality. Unique Titus Combi Caster technology enables the company to offer zinc over moulded parts, typically combining zinc and steel.
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An expert in high-performance materials


Mersen (formerly  Carbone Lorraine), is a leading global manufacturer of fine grain isostatic graphite used in continuous casting applications. Mersen graphite grades are widely used as material dies for the production of continuous cast copper alloys, precious metals, grey or ductile iron, and aluminum. They are particularly effective in the casting of strips, billets, rods, tubes and customized sections. These graphite grades for casting, impregnated or not, have been developed jointly with the casting OEMs, end users and foundry professional associations, in order to optimize key technical requirements, such as thermal conductivity, surface finish, wear and resistance to thermal shock.
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A key source for entrepreneurs around the world


Electrotherm (India) Ltd (ET) was started in the year 1982 to offer cost effective solutions for making steel by indigenous manufacture of matching equipment. Electrotherm (India) Ltd, has achieved market leadership in its core products because of the excellence and dedication towards continuous improvement. Today Electrotherm has a clientele of over 3500 installations. Electrotherm has exported its products to Bangladesh, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sudan, Surinam, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Uganda, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
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Complete and flexible inspection of raw brake disc castings


Today, foundries are called upon to produce disc brakes with a growing variety of product geometrics and air vent complexity. This leads to a high demand in flexibility for automated inspection technology. The DISC-INSPECTOR has a long history of proven performance and has now been enhanced to an even higher degree of flexibility. The combination of the highly accurate vent inspection, the latest 3D-acquition technique for surface inspection coupled with a flexible handling and positioning system, ensures the pole position for modern brake disc foundries in order to meet the market demands. Hall 15, Stand G25
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Aerogels for foundry applications


Since many years aerogels are especially developed for foundry applications at the German Aerospace Center. The newest developments are AeroAdditives nanostructured aerogels in granular form. The addition of 0.5 up to 5 vol.-% of AeroAdditves to any common sand-binder system leads without any further changes to enormous improvements of the cast part quality by unchanged quality of the sand cores. The positive effects are caused by an enhanced gas permeability of the sand cores and an extremely high absorption potential for casting gases by aerogels. Smooth surfaces with reduced roughness are pointed out. AeroAdditives open possibilities of cast part design which will give new impulses. GIFA Hall 12, Stand G23
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Cerazirk ZrO2 Filters For Steel Castings


Draches Cerazrik ZrO2 filter is a ceramic foam filter optimized for steel, superalloy as well as large iron castings. It is characterized by its excellent strength, very good chemical resistance as well as supreme cost-performance ratio. Cerazirk filters are currently applied for all types of steel alloys, production of Ni- and Co-based masteralloys, investment castings as well as large spherical iron castings. Drache offers the filters in all standard sizes as well as customized dimensions. Standard porosity for steel castings is PPI 10, although Drache has the technology to manufacture Cerazirk ZrO2 filters up to PPI 50. In addition to the filter, corresponding DDP feeder sleeves (Drache Direct Pour) for optimized feeding systems are available. GIFA Hall 12 / Stand E 24
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Casting Simulation Suite 2010 from ESI


ESIs Casting Simulation Suite (including ProCAST & QuikCAST) allows predictive evaluations of the entire casting process including: filling and solidification defects; mechanical properties; and, complex part distortion. It enables rapid visualization of the results of casting and thus allows correct decision-making at an early stage in the design of a manufacturing process. The new 2010 version delivers numerous enhancements; offering several improved product functionalities as well as new features that meet todays foundry needs. ESIs Casting Simulation Suite 2010 allows an engineer to build step-by-step the necessary functionalities to span the entire foundry process from die design through to the components performance during its productive life.
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A supplier of castings for valves and pumps


Titanium Castings (UK) Ltd - (TCUK) - has developed new materials and techniques for manufacturing precision, high duty valve and pump castings for strategic manufacturing programmes. These enable short lead-times to be achieved for fully certified, production volumes, prototypes, one-offs or low volume castings to specified procurement standards.
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