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Jouhsen Bundgens at wire 2014 - Hall 11 / Booth G61

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Whether straightening and cutting, electro fission, end machining, cold forming or point grinding - Jouhsen Bundgens machines process wires with the smallest tolerances at high speeds worldwide. The demand for Jouhsen Bundgens technology has also increased with the continued drive for component miniaturization.

The equipment produces parts for the electronics or the automotive industry; drive and cam chains, bearings or pins. For medical applications lancets, cannulas and surgical needles are often cut, grinded and loaded into magazines at high speeds of hundreds per minute.

Jouhsen Bundgens will present a PrecisionForm MJ with a separate grinder and a PrecisonCut MJC3 at wire Dusseldorf from the 7th until the 11th of April 2014. The PrecisionForm MJ can produce special shaped pins in a multi-stage forming process. The grinder is ergonomically optimized and separated from the main machine so that no vibrations from the grinder influence the machine.

A design detail that results in two distinct advantages; improved product quality and a higher degree of availability of the complete machine. One specialty also exhibited by the PrecisionCut MJC3 is short, burr-free, straight cut parts of just a few millimeters in length at the highest production quantities of 800 parts per minute. (Hall 11 / G61)

Source: Jouhsen-bündgens Maschinenbau GmbH

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